TO:4 Event

TO4 Tournament
Now the signup can begin for the TO4-cup! Date has been set to 21st of March (Saturday) with starting time at 6.00PM (18.00) CET. Everything isn’t sorted yet but mostly done with planning.
There is set a cap of 16 teams in the cup, so be sure to sign up as soon as you can! And there must be at least 4 players signed up to get accepted into the tournament, so that means that you are not signed up before you’ve assigned a total of 4 or more players on the webpage!

Signup @ – Let the fun begin!

For more information, contact m4ttiz on Discord!

TO4 Ladder website
A few enthousiastic TO4 players have started an initative to create a ladder-alike website, to bring back a competitive element to the game! Before they work out the idea any further, they do want to find out how many backers there currently are for the initiative.
Please visit the website and register your name there to support this idea! The details wont be shared with anyone.

For more information, contact L4UR3NS on Discord!

TO4 MixedWars
Also don’t forget, almost every evening around 20.00 -21.00 CET there is a mixwar organised. Based on the number of players the mixedwars are formed. Its free for everyone to join, just make sure you have an active microphone (and preferably speak english). All is organised through Discord. Take a look at the #looking-for-match channel and add yourself to the game! It brings a whole new dimension to the game instead of the regular Public gameplay.

Where to find us?

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